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PVC Expanded Foam Board For Kitchen Wall&Cabinets

  • Lightweight

  • High Structural Strength

  • Water Resistant

  • Low Flammability

  • Ease of Fabrication

  • Non-Toxic

  • Anti-Corrosion

  • Soundproof

  • Electrical Insulating

  • Matte surface is easily cleaned and accept most inks, paints and fabricated.

  • A wide range of sizes, thicknesses and colors avilable.

  • PVC expanded foam board for Kitchen Wall&Cabinets are free of lead, cadmium, barium and zinc and have passed all three UL 1975 requirements.

  • Smooth matte finish that makes it ideal to laminate to other substrates.

  • Pvc foam board for Kitchen Wall&Cabinets also has good screw and staple retention which makes it best choice for wood replacement projects.


PVC expanded foam board in Construction&Furniture industry, such as Kitchen Wall&Cabinets

PVC foam board for Bathroom Cabinet

Pvc Foam Board For Kitchen Cabinets & Wall

ItemPVC Foam Board for Kitchen Wall&Cabinets
PVC Foam Sheet for Kitchen Wall&Cabinets
PVC Foam Panel for Kitchen Wall&Cabinets
Size1220mm × 2440mm
1560mm × 3050mm2050mm × 3050mm
915mm × 1830mm
Color White, Black, Red, Green, Pink, Grey, Blue, Yellow.
Density 0.28~0.9g/cm3
Foam Process Celuka
Life Span>50 years
Package Carton box or wooden pallet packing
Word Wall
Furniture                                     Noise barrier control
advertising material                      decoration material                        display Board
light box                                       outdoor sign board                       Signage board
POP displays
dimensional lettering
kitchen wall and base cabinets,bathroom
Doors and windows
Product displays
Photo laminating
Table top displays
Wood replacement
Retail display
Direct digital printing
Exhibition graphics
Model making
Wall cladding

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