What is a Pvc film?

PVC Film (also polyvinyl, vinyl, Polyvinyl chloride) is largest synthetic plastic polymer film with competitve price and wide variety of applications. Because of type of plasticizers, PVC Film can have different physical and mechanical function.

PVC Film is a thin polymeric material that be made softer and more flexible by the percent of plasticizers. It be used as Wrapping, Packaging, Covering, Printing, Protection, Lamination, Packing etc.

ace plastics Super Clear Soft Plastic PVC Roll Packing PVC Film

Basic physical properties of PVC Film as below.

(1) Melting point: 212 ° C

(2) Glass transition temperature: 82 ~ 85 ° C

(3) Thermal decomposition temperature: 150 ~ 170 ° C.

(4) Specific gravity of 1.391 (g/cm3)

Multi application of PVC Film as below.

ace plastics Super Clear Soft Plastic PVC Roll Packing PVC Film

Transparent Film

ace plastics PVC Super Clear Film of Transparent vinyl plastic sheet 1 mm thick with roll

Thick Pvc Film

ace plastics color pvc film

Colorful Pvc Film

PVC Film are usually formed by melting for forming the film by Cast and Calender Procedure.

PVC Film are typically formed into roll by roll slitter. Pvc Film can be modified into metallised films, corona film and Plasma film.

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