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Leatherette Synthetic Leather

Leatherette Synthetic Leather (also known as synthetic, faux, imitation, vegan) is a synthetic material that holds the appearance of leather but is not made from animal skin or hides like genuine leather. The synthetic material consists of natural and/or synthetic fibers, coated with a plastic polymer or similar.

  • Affordable.  Leatherette Synthetic Leather is much more cost-effective than natural leather, offering an affordable option with the same high-end appearance.

  • Low Maintenance. Leatherette Synthetic Leather is stain-free and easy to clean, and it also resists cracking, fading, and becoming stiff.

  • Durability.  Leatherette Synthetic Leather resists cracking and other abrasions, making it a long-lasting material suitable for household upholstery and furniture that is used frequently.

  • More Variety. Since Leatherette Synthetic Leather is man-made, it is available in a variety of finishes, textures, embossing, and colors.

  • Ease of Manufacturing. Leatherette Synthetic Leather is easy to cut and sew, making it easier to make a variety of items from it.

Leatherette Synthetic Leather Details

Leatherette Synthetic Leather maintains many similarities to natural leather, including its quality and textured feel. 

Leatherette Synthetic Leather

Leatherette Synthetic Leather is one of the best materials for upholstery and is used in a variety of applications across diverse industries.

ItemLeatherette Synthetic Leather
ApplicationHome Textile, Decorative, Belt, Chair, Bag, Furniture, Sofa, Car Seat, Car, Upholstery, Luggage, Accessories, Bags, Purses & Totes, Home Decor, Outdoor, Pillow, Notebook, Menu book
FeatureAbrasion-Resistant, Anti-Mildew, Waterproof

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