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Cooling Tower Pvc Fills

  • Compatible with numerous crossflow process fluids.(water, water/glycol, oil, other fluids)

  • Capable and flexible in customized solutions.

  • Flame Retardant, High Temperature Resistant.

  • Cooling Tower Pvc Fills is made of pvc virgin material that No-phthalate/ No-toxic and qualified to ISO/REACH/CE.

  • QC team insure clear Cooling Tower Pvc Fills with No occluded air/No bubbles/No wrinkle/No Pinhole/Lay flat.

  • We can provide OEM service if you aren’t clear about your specification about clear Cooling Tower Pvc Fills.

Cooling Tower Pvc Fills

Cooling Tower Pvc Fills is frequently used in square counter flow, mixed flow cooling towers.

Cooling Tower Pvc Fills

Cooling Tower Pvc Fills with light weight, high strength, good flame retardant performance; corrosion resistance, new design, small ventilation resistance, strong hydrophilicity, large contact area and so on.

ItemCooling Tower Pvc Fills Material
ColorBlack, White, Grey
Heat Resistant-35℃ – 60℃
AdvantageLight weight/High strength/Flame Retardant/Corrosion Resistance/Ventilation resistance/Strong Hydrophilicity/Large contact area
Cooling TypeCounter flow
PackageExport Standard Package
Lead Time20 days

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